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Welcome to PostureGeek.com, your resource for expert posture guidance and health improvement tools.

Our mission is to deliver accessible expert advice, quality products, and educational content for better health decisions.

Our Mission at PostureGeek.com

Enhance Health and Well-being:

We strive to improve the lives of individuals globally by providing expert guidance and resources focused on optimal posture and overall health.

Core Offerings

Trusted Expert Access: Connect users with posture experts through a comprehensive practitioner directory.

Quality Resources: Offer a selection of practitioner resources and products that promote better health.

Educational Content: Provide innovative educational content, including interactive webinars and actionable wellness tips.

Our Commitment

Community and Support: Foster a community where education, support, and personal health are prioritized.

Informed Decisions: Empower users to make informed decisions about their health with reliable information and support.

Continuous Improvement: We remain committed to the continuous enhancement of our platform and services to meet the evolving needs of our users.

About Nicholas 'Nick' Barbousas

Founder of PostureGeek.com

Vision for PostureGeek.com

PostureGeek.com has been established as a hub for a collective understanding of posture and well-being. This platform is about fostering a community where everyone, from healthcare professionals to individuals seeking self-improvement, can access a wide array of resources. We aim to highlight the critical role of good posture in maintaining overall health and provide the tools and knowledge for everyone to integrate these principles into their lives.

Expertise in Posture and Movement

With a career spanning over three decades in posture, movement, and holistic well-being, I bring a wealth of experience to this platform. My expertise is deeply rooted in Rolfing Structural Integration, which has shaped my comprehensive approach as a manual and movement therapist.

Holistic Health Philosophy

My professional journey is dedicated to understanding and correcting posture by integrating various disciplines, including Soft Tissue Therapy and Muscular and Movement Therapies. This blend of techniques is crucial for achieving structural balance and functional health.

Educator and Mentor

I am passionate about Education and Mentorship, having developed and taught Manual Therapy and Myofascial Release programs. My contributions extend to academic courses at both the bachelor’s and master’s levels, aiming to elevate the practice and understanding of holistic therapies.

From Insights to Authorship

Guides and Resources: Authored essential guides like ‘The Posture Solution‘ and created ‘Patient Magnet,’ helping healthcare professionals effectively communicate the value of their posture-related services.

Professional Development: Initiated and designed training programs in Myofascial Release and Posture Assessment, providing posture professionals with comprehensive skill enhancement tools.

Blog Insights: As the lead writer for the PostureGeek.com blog, I share well-founded advice and actionable strategies, drawing from a seasoned posture correction and therapy background.

Invitation to Users

I invite you to explore PostureGeek.com, whether you’re a health professional or someone interested in personal health improvement. It’s a space for learning about our bodies and working towards a healthier, more balanced life.

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