Pelvis and Hip Joint


How well we stand balanced or go about our daily activities is centered on the premise that a free and balanced pelvis will minimize injury and stress at, above, and below the pelvis.

Male and Female Pelvis outline


The head of the Femur (thigh) sits deeply and firmly within the cup like socket of the Pelvis (Acetabulum). This is a necessary and clever structural and functional device, which limits the chance of misadventure occurring to such an important region through sudden or extreme movements.

Our ability to maintain freedom and flexibility within the hip joint is vital. Poor alignment of the femur with the pelvis can also force weight to fall poorly downward placing the knee, ankle, and arches of the foot in less than optimal arrangements – a recipe for injury.

A muscular system that is at odds with itself creates havoc and makes maintaining a stable posture difficult, if not impossible.

Hip Joint

Pelvis to Lower Limb

Pelvis to lower leg

Being at the center of all activity, weight from above is transmitted to the feet and legs via the pelvis. Muscles attach to the pelvis from above and below creating a muscular connection that spans from the upper extremity to the thigh -­ making it important to maintain healthy muscles above, below, and within the pelvis as key to overall postural wellbeing.

In search for a 'neutral' pelvis

We all work towards creating a horizontal placement of the pelvis – a ‘neutral’ pelvis. Movement away from neutral is known as pelvic tilt. If the pelvis tips too far forward there is the tendency for the lower back to move into Lordosis, and an increased lumbar curve. With the pelvis tipping too far under (tucking the tail under) there will be a flattening of the lower back.

A neutral pelvis will allow for a gentle and natural curve in the lower back (lumbar spine). In sitting this ‘neutral’ or natural sitting position can seem difficult in the beginning, but with some time and understanding it can become second nature.

Further considerations
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