Our Unique Posture


Variety of body shapes

How is it that we can identify a friend or loved one from a distance? Is it the color of their hair? The clothes they wear? Often it goes beyond this, to an attitudinal posture or way of walking or standing that separates one person from another.

What would happen if you were told to:

  • Stand up straight
  • Push your shoulders back
  • Push out your chest
  • Lift upwards from the the top of your head?

Lets explore this

You may find yourself looking a little better, and you may even potentially be able to maintain the posture – at least for the time that you focus on it. BUT, what of when you relax, or find yourself focused on another task?

Do you think you can maintain this imposed posture?

There is a tendency for our body to take on several conflicting muscular holding patterns.

Most often the answer would be, NO. Like all of the body’s functions, we require a balanced and integrated approach to achieve lasting change. By assuming a posture or bodily position that does not fit our body type, or our unique limitations we are making it difficult for a more balanced and natural upright posture to unfold.