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Copyright Ownership

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Permitted Use

  • Users are authorized to share, copy, and redistribute the material in any medium or format under the following conditions:
    • Attribution: You must provide appropriate credit, clearly include a link to the content, and indicate if changes were made. The credit should state “© PostureGeek.com” with a direct hyperlink to the homepage (https://posturegeek.com) or the specific content page.
    • Non-Commercial: You may not use the material for commercial purposes, including any use primarily intended for commercial advantage or monetary compensation, without obtaining a license from us.
    • No Derivatives: You may not modify or create derivatives of the material without explicit Permission from PostureGeek.com.

© PostureGeek.com and have a link back to https://posturegeek.com, or the specific content page.

Restricted Use

  • Unauthorized content reproduction, distribution, display, or performance is prohibited without prior written consent. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Publishing content in print or digital media.
    • Commercial use of any content.
    • Use of content for advertising or promotional purposes.

Requesting Permission

  • Please email the editors for permissions beyond those outlined in the Permitted Use section. Please direct your requests to the same contact for inquiries about modifying materials or creating derivatives.

Enforcement and Compliance

  • Failure to comply with these terms may result in legal action, including, but not limited to, copyright infringement claims. PostureGeek.com reserves the right to enforce its copyrights under applicable law.

Updates and Modifications

  • These copyright terms may be updated or modified from time to time. Continued website use after such changes constitutes acceptance of the new terms. We will notify users of any significant changes via announcements on our website or through direct communication.

Contact Information

  • For any questions regarding copyright or permissions, please email us through our contact form on the website. This contact information is also available for general inquiries and clarification requests.

Geographical Considerations

  • Depending on your location, using our content may be subject to specific geographical restrictions. Please ensure your usage complies with local laws and regulations.

Digital Security

  • Users are prohibited from bypassing any forms of digital security or digital rights management systems implemented by PostureGeek.com.


  • We appreciate your compliance with these terms. Your support and understanding help maintain the integrity and quality of our content. Thank you for respecting our copyright policies.
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